Department of 青少年服务

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卡森城 青少年服务 BuildingThe mission of the 卡森城 Department of 青少年服务 is to encourage positive change in the lives of juvenile offenders through, 尊重, fairness and integrity.

The department is committed to serving the welfare of juveniles and their families by holding juvenile offenders accountable for their actions by providing meaningful consequences and a continuum of services and sanctions in order to create a safer community.

In partnership with integrated programming, the department promotes the process of reintegration and directs delinquent juveniles toward reforming their behavior in the context of increased accountability, enhanced community restoration, and expanded personal competencies.


The vision of the 卡森城 Department of 青少年服务 is to provide and promote leadership and public safety while improving and enriching the lives of youth, 受害者, families and the community.

We hold these values to a high standard: Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Creativity, Respect, and Fairness.